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Gmail Login: Gmail, indeed the most popular Email service around the globe can be accessed by creating a Google Account. This way by creating a Google account you can access not only Gmail Email service but also sites like YouTube, Google+ and so on. By using Gmail account you can directly create an account on various online sites and not waste time registering to use these.

To access your Gmail account, if you are using the web browser, you should use secure connection- HTTPS and not HTTP.

When you are using a mobile or desktop app, at such times, you will have to generate an app password so as to log in.

Given below is a guide on how you can Sign up for Gmail Account. We have also covered for you the methods to login to multiple Gmail Accounts at one time, Log out of securely and a few tips that could be useful while handling Gmail account.

Gmail Login | Gmail Login Account | Login | Gmail Sign In gmail login

Prerequisite to Gmail Login

It is necessary to have a Google Account created before logging into

If you are not sure if you have a Gmail account or not, you can check that by entering your Email address on the Password assistance page.

If you see a message- ‘No Account found with that email address’ then you do not have a Google Account.

Then you can create a Google Account once you know through the above way of checking that it does not exist.

How to Login to on the web?

If you want to Sign in to Gmail then you will have to enter your Username and Password of Google Account. And if you have forgotten your password, as I always do, then you can easily recover it by using the Gmail Password Recovery Page.

Given below are the steps to log in to on the web.

Step 1:- Visit-

Step 2:- Look for the Sign in option in the top right corner of the page. Once you see it, click on the same. Or you can also use this link- Gmail Sign In page.

Step 3:- In the Gmail Sign In page, enter your Email address and click on the Next Button below.

Step 4:- On the next page, you will be asked to enter your password. Do as instructed.

Note:- It is recommended that you tick the checkbox for- ‘Stay Signed In’. This way you will not every time have to enter your password after logging out.

Step 5:- Finally tap on the Sign in Button and you are good to go to your Gmail Inbox.

How to Login to through apps?

Gmail Account can also be accessed by logging in through apps either first-party apps or third-party apps. The steps given below can be used to login to through apps.

Step 1:- For the Gmail Account, Enable 2-Step Verification.

Step 2:– Then Create an App-specific password.

Step 3:- With the help of the app-specific password created above, log in to Gmail without even using the real password.

If you try to use your real password on apps you will be shown the message- ‘incorrect password’.

Also note that, since April 2014, for privacy reasons, Gmail initiated to block apps that were less secure. Some of these ‘less secure’ apps that faced the block are-

  1. Mail App on iPad or iPhone with iOS 6 and below.
  2. Mail App on Windows Phone below Windows 8.1 Phone.
  3. Third-Party Mail apps on Android.
  4. A few Desktop mail clients like Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.

Note:- In case you are using a less secure application to manage your Gmail Account, then below is what should be given a try-

  • If you have not enabled 2-Step Verification for Gmail Account, then alter the ‘Allows Less secure apps’ setting so as to enable under security settings.
  • Or you can try enabling 2-Step Verification and create App-specific password and login using this password rather than the original one.
  • The last solution you could try is switching to another app or program.

How to deal with Gmail login Problems?

There occur two most common issues while one is trying to Sign in or Log in at Gmail.

One of which is an unsecured connection ‘HTTP’ and the other- Incorrect password.

In order to keep up with the privacy and keeping your emails safe and sound, Gmail needs a secure connection- HTTPS for accessing your Mail.

And I do not have to specifically mention how sensitive your Password is in case of privacy.

The only thing one can do to stay away from such issues is 1. Use HTTPS instead of HTTP and 2. Keep note of your Password- the numbers, the caps lock, everything!

To Sign in to Multiple Accounts on Gmail, you can use the multiple accounts features and not sign out for signing in through another account. You can either Choose Gmail Account to Login or Add Session for Gmail Account Login.

How to securely Log out of

At times, one could access their Gmail account through others’ laptop or PC which is quite a common thing. But as Gmail is your Key to most of the social sites and a crucial account, you need to make sure that you log out securely from

To do so, follow any of the methods given below-

  • Go to and then if you are redirected to login page, you have been logged out already. Nothing else to worry about.
  • You can also click on the profile picture on the right upper corner of the page and a dropdown menu will come over. Over this dropdown menu, you will see a Sign Out Link. Click on the same to log out of your Gmail Account on that device.

So that was it about Gmail Login Mail. I assume you found your answers about how you could log in at Gmail and Sign In for Gmail. Besides this basic information, we have also shared with you the most common problems while logging into Gmail and ho you could securely log out of and similar other things.